streamlined inventory management and ordering processes for private dental practices

ZenOne helps your private practice save time and money by streamlining the inventory management and ordering process while also offering a best in class product catalog with comprehensive price comparisons.

Dive into the heart of dental practice innovation with us. As we roll out our Beta Version, we’re inviting you to be more than just an observer—you’ll be a key player in shaping what comes next. This is your chance to explore new features before anyone else, to see firsthand the evolution of our platform. Of course, pioneering isn’t without its surprises, including the occasional bug or issue waiting to be discovered. If you’re someone who’s excited by the idea of being at the forefront of change, we’d love for you to join us. Let’s embark on this journey together. Interested? Simply book a demo to get started.

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Used by private practices across the US

The Envy Of all Dental Supply Catalogs

With over 130,000 products from 30+ vendors, our extensive dental supply catalog has your needs covered. Find what you want from your current distributors, compare prices, and place orders in just a few clicks.

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Simplified dental supply management

ZenOne helps private practices save time and money by streamlining the inventory management and ordering process with a best in class product catalog featuring comprehensive price comparisons.

Signup is a Breeze

With a 14 day free trial, you can get started in minutes and start ordering from your favorite distributors right away.

Price Compare with Confidence

Get the best deal around by comparing the exact same product across multiple distributors.

Organize it your way!

Customize lists, names, images, and everything in between. Even auto-shipping can be customized!

Products, Products and more products

Choose from over 130,000 products from 30+ distributors.

Easy Re-ordering

Easily re-order your favorite products with just a couple of clicks.

Track Your Shipments

See exactly where your shipments are, and when they'll be delivered.

what our customers have to say

“I love having everything in one place. I can see all prices in one place”

Office Manager, Dr. Shane McCasland
Misti Tienda


Why do we charge for beta access?

Just like you, we are also an independent business, with no outside funding. We rely only on subscription payments from our members. Our goal is to build a product that our members truly love and have no shame bragging about. That takes time, and obsession over the details. With payments from our beta customers we can continue to grow and deliver a great product. We thank you for your support and joining us in our mission of helping private practices stay private!

Do we really need another ordering platform in dentistry?

We feel you. With over 25 options to choose from, it’s a lot. However, we feel zen is uniquely positioned to take on all the challenges private practices face when it comes to ordering. We have the patience, experience, made big mistakes in the past and know the right people. We even rent an office inside the dental practice in Austin, TX to be close to the action! We also don’t have anyone, except you (the customer or as we say, member) define our roadmap. All feature requests come from people who actually use the product daily. So, all that together creates a unique blend of focus, dedication, and the right environment to build a product that is perfect for private practices.

our Journey from ZenSupplies to ZenOne

ZenOne's journey began with the development of ZenSupplies in 2016 with a bold mission: to organize the dental industry through curiosity and innovation. Our vision was to build an exceptional company with a vibrant soul where every day, something special was being built.

We aimed to build a product that not only simplifies but truly enhances the lives of our customers. Our passion was driving us to understand the challenges of dental professionals, such as the stress of managing inventory and the frustration of uncertain pricing.

The result is an intuitive and innovative inventory management system with process automation, real-time price comparisons - designed just for dental professionals like you.