streamlined inventory management and ordering processes for private dental practices

Used by private practices across the US

Largest Online Catalog and Best in class search

With over 150,000 products and 50+ suppliers, we have curated the cleanest, most organized online catalog in dentistry. Every product is triple-checked for a proper title, full description, and high-quality image. Coupled with an intuitive AI-powered search that can complete your sentence (try searching “Beaver Bur”).

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Save with confidence & Efficiency

Our Intuitive Price comparison tool will show Savings based on your brand preference or similar products to give you the best savings. We only show prices from vendors that have products in stock and can ship within 3-5 days. In the rare case of backorders, we handle those internally and provide alternatives right away.

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Organize Inventory Your Way

Would you require customizations to your inventory? Absolutely! Seeking to alter product names? Certainly! How about generating QR codes for scanning via the mobile app? Absolutely possible! Is this the spreadsheet you've long envisioned? We certainly hope so!

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Simplified dental supply management

ZenOne helps private practices save time and money by streamlining the inventory management and ordering process with a best in class product catalog featuring comprehensive price comparisons.

Signup is a Breeze

With a 14-day free trial, you can get started in minutes, connect your favorite suppliers, and we will pull your order history and you can start ordering right away.

Price Compare with Confidence

Get the best deal around by comparing the exact same product or to a similar product (as they say the gauze is the gauze) across multiple distributors that deliver within 3-5 days.

Track The Budget

Most of our offices keep their dental supply spend under 5% of the collections and the most important reason is to have a budget to begin with.

Track Orders, Returns and Invoices in one place

Track all orders in one place, request returns, and access invoices for all vendors with just a click of a button.

Easy Reordering

Easily reorder your favorite products with just a couple of clicks. Our initiative shopping cart will run price comparisons in the background to make sure you do not miss critical savings.

Real Time Customer Support

Last but not the least is our support team, located in the US with an a  of being Dental Assistants we are here to help you find that strange bur or to follow up with the order.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“I love having everything in one place. I can see all prices in one place”
Misti Tienda
Office Manager, Dr. Shane McCasland
"ZenOne platform is one of the most intuitive and easiest software to work with for supply management and ordering"
Ayrat Yunusov
Co-Owner, Cedar Park Dental Wellness
"I see great value in a centralized online purchasing platform. I am excited for the new features with ZenOne and price comparison / spreadsheet inventory.”
Dr. Andrew Olson, DDS MBA
Owner, Wasatch Dental
“With Zen I have all my products, from 10-15 different vendors all in one place. So the ordering takes 15-20 min each time. For the size of our office it took me 2-3 hours before Zen”
Miranda Moore
RDA Lead Assistant, Beacon Dentristry
“I feel like Zen search can complete my sentences and knows exactly what I’m looking for. Besides the product I love working with Zen, because Tiger and the team are always in our office asking for feedback”
Michael Panaccio
Lead Dental Assistant, Austin Dental Co
“Hey, I’m a doctor, I don’t really order. Most of my friends worry about it, but with Zen, I have full confidence and control over the supplies without needing to spend hours “checking” my team. Life is great!
Dr. Bonner Morren
DDS Owner, Austin Dental Co


Why does my office need an ordering Platform like Zen? 

We truly believe not every dental practice needs to have an ordering platform. A smaller office, with a $2000-$3000 per month of supply of inventory can work with 2-3 vendors and place orders with the rep. But we really think it’s rare to find small offices. Most dental practices, even with budgets below $5000/month, need a single platform to have all orders, all distributors (including Ultradent, Garrison, Kennebach, ortho, Pediatric, Oran Surgery, and Implant vendors) all in one place. This allows practices to set budgets, control expenses, and streamline the process of ordering. You can still work with your sales reps, but in a more efficient way (sms or calls is not the best way to remember the price you were promised for the wipes or the bone graft material).  

Is ZenOne a supplier?

Zenone is a platform that helps you aggregate prices from dental suppliers and helps you easily pick who to order from. You will be ordering from suppliers using Zen and you will still maintain valuable relationships with sales reps.

How to Choose an Ordering Platform for your Practice? 

When selecting the right ordering platform for the practice, several considerations are crucial:Data ownership: Ensure the practice owns all data and can access the entire database at any point.Setup cost: There shouldn't be a setup cost to start using an ordering platform.Trial period: Request a free trial to assess usability before committing.Every dental practice should adopt an ordering platform for ease of use and to start collecting data. Having a wealth of data will be invaluable for future developments. You'll have something to train AI on!
More on this here.

How does Zen work with the buying groups? 

When selecting the right buying group it's evident that not all are the same. For example, if your practice frequently uses 3M products, Synergy might be a suitable option. But if you require the best prices across four main categories—Anesthetics, Disposables, Infection Control, and Gloves—then SourceClub is a more viable option. When evaluating a group, dental practices should ask the following questions related to their negotiated formulary:

• Which manufacturers offer the deepest discounts?
• How often are discounts negotiated?Is pricing volume-based?
• Does the buying group negotiate a percentage discount or a fixed price per product? (We recommend the latter.)

After posing these questions, practices can assess whether a particular group is beneficial. Most offices won't utilize all vendors, focusing on one or two main suppliers to maximize savings.More on this here:

Why do you charge for subscriptions? Why can’t vendors pay for it? 

One way or the other we all pay for the tools we use. We think it’s better to have full transparency and show you the real price of the product, without adding a “platform” fee of 5%-10% on top of the product price. Our goal is to find the best price from the best distributor and show it to you without any clutter, any “specials” or min orders. Best in class search with many options to choose from. 

Why do we charge you for subscription? Just like you, we are also an independent business, with no outside funding. We rely only on subscription payments from our members. Our goal is to build a product that our members truly love and have no shame bragging about. That takes time, and obsession over the details. With payments from our customers we can continue to grow and deliver a great product. We thank you for your support and joining us in our mission of helping private practices stay private!

Do we really need another ordering platform in dentistry?

We feel you. With over 25 options to choose from, it’s a lot. However, we feel zen is uniquely positioned to take on all the challenges private practices face when it comes to ordering. We have the patience, experience, made big mistakes in the past and know the right people. We even rent an office inside the dental practice in Austin, TX to be close to the action! We also don’t have anyone, except you (the customer or as we say, member) define our roadmap. All feature requests come from people who actually use the product daily. So, all that together creates a unique blend of focus, dedication, and the right environment to build a product that is perfect for private practices.