A Weekend with LightWave Dental - a series of dental events

April 28, 2023

Dental events can be slightly different from the next. You can make an educated guess on how the event may play out from experience, but once you’re there everyone has their own way of how the schedule will run. Here is everything you need to know about what to expect, what took place, and maybe get ideas of your own if you host these kinds of dental events.

Place of the event

This specific dental event we attended took place in Durham, North Carolina. It was held at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club. Lightwave Dental put on and organized a great event for their members and vendors. They ensured we had a large space with comfortable seating to converse with others during the time we were there. There were name tags on lanyards provided with the full weekends schedule posted on the back. Big win right there! When there were breaks that allowed offices to come and speak with us, there was a good amount of time to do so. This way no one felt rushed and we were able to really get to know each person coming up to our table.

Raffle as an important part of dental events

Lightwave made talking with us vendors fun by including a raffle into their weekend where members who attended could win some really great prizes. We got to hand out tons of tickets to people who participated in some friendly competition. One of the vendors present stood out to us. Her name is Celeste Izquierdo. She is a multimedia artist with outstanding paintings. She even created the design for the T-shirts that were up for sale at the event. If you have the chance to take a look at her work, you certainly won't be disappointed.

We gave away a green Yeti cooler, and everyone seemed stoked to enter in to win. It was a great way to kick start conversation and introduce everyone to each other around the table. Our winner at the end of the weekend is from Pleasant Plains Dental. Kayla is a lead Hygienist for this office and was extremely excited to win this cooler for the summer!

It was great to be a part of such a big dental event with so many in attendance. From the kind faces we met during the day to seeing the band play in the evening, it made the experience unforgettable.

Overall, the dental event was extremely successful. We got to connect with people you may only see through a camera or screen, or meet new faces that were interested to learn more about what ZenSupplies has to offer. We look forward to partaking in more of these events in the near future!




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