Episode #39 Dr. Tom Novak, DDS from 7 ops 2200SF to 12ops 4000SF building, best parenting advice, and 2 simple rules to a happy life

September 16, 2022

Dr. Tom has incredible story of growing up in Chicago ,having paper routes at 9 years old and growing up in the family of 6. After completing dental school, Tom joined the Navy for 5 years and then spent some time in Seattle making $31,000 a year before landing in Weatherford Texas. He recently expanded to a new building, from 2200 SF 7 ops space to a 4000 SF 12 ops stand alone building. Dr. Novak shares his life wisdom on running a practice, raising kids and building incredible family.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9-tOG_2rE0


2:00 - from 1963 7 ops space to a stand alone building with 12 ops and awesome team

5:40 - drive and ambition

6:55 - 10251 days story

8:50 -  You have now idea what to do in parenting

13:30 - Best parenting advice

21:20 - Family is a unified front

24:30 - “The goals, I don’t think if I have any….”

26:10 - How to be happy with what you have

28:10 - Simple but Powerful life advice: “Savings has always been the Payment”

30:20 - “Is this a lot of money, son?”    

To learn more about Dr. Tom Novak biography: https://youtu.be/egNCFjQh4yQ

To learn more about Beacon Dentistry: www.beacondentistry.com

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