Episode#38 Santosh Patel on building Complete Specialty Solutions through perseverance and abundance mindset, why specialists burn out, and why AI will be so revolutionary in dentistry

August 15, 2022

Today I seat down with Santosh Patel, President of Complete Specialty Solutions. We talk about early days and how Santosh had to take PTO days to visit dental conferences and meet people at the Starbucks to save money on fancy dinners.

With support of his and the family he decided to go all in and pursue the journey against his own doubts of being an entrepreneur.We cover so many things, how AI dental platform, like Overjet and Pearl and true AI applications in dentistry that will revolutionize the industry just like CEREC and digital scanners did back in the days. We discuss leadership traits, biggest cause of specialists burn out, leading by guilt vs fear, and seeing how dentistry will go through next economical challenges as it always does. And we finish our conversation with Santosh’s best advice for life and parenting: “You are never going to be perfect, your kids are never going to be perfect, just accept it and enjoy the life”

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYo_rCxf_rc


3:45 - Starting Complete Specialty Solutions

7:45 - Push back from the Industry

8:00 - a case for building internal software platform

12:00 - Genesis of the idea for the business “Why dental industry didn’t have in house specialty services”

13:50 - Most Specialist coming out of Residency with a tremendous debt

16:35 - “I never had entrepreneurial bone in my body”

17:25 - The concept of changing lanes

19:00 - Dentist take all this debt, get excited about future, build the practice and open the door. And the number of patients is not there. Then they start to question

21:20 - hitting the bottom. It’s always the payroll question

24:26 - Push back and misconceptions early on

30:10 - Constant chicken and the egg problem and to tackle it

37:50 - Larges cause for specialist burn out

46:40 - Employee Retention is a huge issue in dental practices

47:40 - AI in Dentistry - Overjet and Pearl

49:00 - How to apply AI platform to identify hidden revenue with your current patient base

51:45 - AI will change the industry, same scanner and Cerec changed dentistry back in the day

53:00 - Favorite thing about running Complete Speciality Solutions

59:50 - Unique Leadership traits

1:03:45 - Dentistry will always bounce back from any challenge

About Pearl: https://www.hellopearl.com/

About Overjet: https://www.overjet.ai/

To learn more about Complete Specialty Solutions:

Complete Specialty Solutions provides in-house specialty solutions to general dentist offices through our unique combination of clinical, business and operational support delivered as an integrated and turn-key solution. Our highly experienced team has activated and scaled in-house specialty solutions across all major specialties (oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, and pedo) in both solo office and large DSO operations during the past eight years.


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