Live Events Recap for the Week of April 27

May 4, 2020

Dear ZenFamily,

Thank you to all for participating in our live events and webinars this week! We had two live webinars with four awesome guests! Dr. Brett Gilbert joined Tiger on Monday 4/27 and they discussed why change is crucial for self development as well as the importance of a positive mindset. This webinar was eligible for 1 CE credit hour. To find more information on how to obtain your CE certificate, please check the notes section under these two webinars in your Zen account. On Friday 5/1 we had a dental assistants webinar, where Iryna, our ZenTeam member was joined by Julie, Ronda and John to discuss the potential side hustles for dental assistants! Here is a recap of what we talked about:

Monday, April 27: We invited Dr. Brett Gilbert, an endodontist in Chicago, who has built a following on a simple message of accepting life challenges with a positive mindset. Dr. Brett and Tiger met at the Yoga workshop last December, hosted by The Dental Yogis, and since then we became good friends. During the webinar, we discussed what it means to have a positive mindset and stay optimistic during the time of uncertainty, why Dr. Brett started practicing yoga and steps you need to convert your passion into a creative and productive goal.

Here is where you can find the full webinar:

And here is the podcast:

Friday, May 1: After such a wonderful webinar with Julie Varney and Ronda Holman on 4/6, we invited them again to share some thoughts and ideas with us on side hustles for dental assistants! Julie and Ronda will joined Iryna, our ZenTeam member, and they went over lots of cool ideas on the matter! In addition, John from Dental Assistants Worldwide joined them to share what his side hustle is all about! We discussed various side hustles that assistants can discover for themselves and how to stay busy with your side hustle during quarantine. We also touched on ideas for expanding the dental assistants skill set and how to prepare for reopening your office!

Please find the full webinar here:

And here is the podcast:

During each webinar, we covered numerous topics on surviving through COVID-19 and staying strong during the times of the unknown! There were quite a few awesome book recommendations that Dr. Gilbert mentioned so please find them here:

1. The Power of Now - Eckhardt Tolle

2. The Law of Attraction - Michael Losier

3. The Power of Intention - Wayne Dyer

4. The Five Second Rule - Mel Robbins

5. The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown

6. Mans Search For Meaning - Viktor Frankel

Here are the details on the two webinars coming up for the week of 5/4:

Monday, 5/4 at 2 pm CST: Don't be Moody on Monday with Dr. Justin Moody

Wednesday, 5/6 at 3 pm CST: Water Line Treatment Prior to Reopening with Mary Govoni, Mike Rust and Kelly (1 CE Hour)

We hope everyone is enjoying the live events! Stronger together!

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