Live Events Recap for the week of July 20

July 27, 2020

Dear ZenFamily,

Happy Monday to all! We hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend. As we jump into another busy week, we’d like to share a recap of live events and webinars for last week (the week of July 20) as well as some exciting live events that we have planned for the week of July 27. So here goes! On Thursday, July 23 we invited our friends at ProEdge Dental ( The "Wizard of Water" Mike Rust and Kellie Thimmes to share more on launching 2 new products, to bring light to what these products are and how they can help dental offices. Once again, we discussed the issues related to water treatment within a dental practice. If you remember from the last webinar, Mike is a great guest and we can talk for hours.

Here is the podcast:

By the way have you seen their awesome video clips?

On Friday, 7/24 at 11 am CST, Tiger hosted our traditional "15 min Friday Supply Availability Update" for Zen Offices!

Please join us Every Friday at 11am Central for a live update on what is going on on the market and availability of dental supplies. All you have to do is login to your Zen account,

For the week of July 27, we have planned the following events:

1. On Wednesday, 7/29 at 11 am CST we will host a webinar with Mary Govoni on OSHA/CDC Updates and What are the Options if we Run Out of Gloves/Wipes? By many of your requests we invited Mary Govoni to the live webinar to discuss the new OSHA/CDC guidelines, requirements, and simply what's working and what our teams need to know about infection control. Tiger will ask Mary about the current shortage of Nitrile Gloves and Surface disinfectants (wipes). What are the options if we can't buy any more (which our team is working really hard to make sure that doesn't happen).

Mary's Bio is Here: Mary Govoni is an internationally recognized speaker, author and consultant, working with dental teams for over 40 years on clinical efficiency, infection prevention, ergonomics, and team communication.

Mary is a Certified OSHA Outreach Trainer and assists dental practice across the country in achieving compliance with regulatory requirements. Mary also is known for her practical approaches to implementing dental system software and protocols to enhance patient safety, privacy and data security. Mary a past president of the American Dental Assistants Association, a member of the American Dental Hygienists Association, a member of the Organization for Safety Asepsis and Prevention, the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and the Speaking and Consulting Network. She has published numerous articles in Dental Economics, The Dental Assistant Journal, RDH Magazine, Dentistry Today, Inside Dentistry and many others.

Together we can PLAN in Advance!

The benefit of the LIVE Webinar is that we will be able to answer YOUR questions during this time. So please join us at 11 am CST on Thursday 7/9! All you have to do is login to your Zen account, or follow this link:

2. And of course, per our new Friday tradition, on Friday, July 31 at 11 am CST, Tiger will host a 15 Minute Supply Availability Update with a Special Guest. Everyone is beyond ready to get back to work in a safe environment. The ZenTeam is spending countless hours every week doing due diligence, learning about FDA approvals, learning about product shortages, and sourcing new vendors. In addition, the landscape of the supply chain is constantly changing and so are the prices of PPE products. Therefore, Tiger will host a 15 min live event EVERY Friday at 11 am CST to go over what we learn during the week. We will share EVERYTHING-good, bad and what to prepare for. Simply login to your ZenSupplies account and join us there for all live events!

Thank you to all for participating in our live events and we look forward to seeing everyone during this week’s webinars!

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