Live Events Recap for the Week of June 1

June 8, 2020

Dear ZenFamily,

Happy Monday to all! We hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend.  As we jump into another busy week, we’d like to share a recap of live events and webinars for the last week (the week of June 1) as well as some exciting live events  that we have planned for the week of June 8. So here goes!

On Thursday, June 4th, Tiger was joined by Mike Sands, an expert in the field of fogging to discuss: Disinfecting With Cold Fogging? Does it Really Work for Dental? Currently, Mike is a partner and the VP of Marketing and New Product Development at Cloudburst, Inc. (a world leader in misting systems engineering and manufacturing). Dr. Tom Larkin introduced Tiger to Mike Sands. Here is a short description from Dr. Larkin himself: "Mike Sands is authoritative. In fact, he holds several patents and his company Cloudburst developed the first sideline misters introduced in the NFL in 1994.  They were the first misting/cooling system used in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Mike is a serial inventor and holds several patents in this space. I have no idea how I stumbled onto their website, but I am glad I did. I think cold fogging is an integral part of our come back protocol. Search the internet and you will see electrostatic sprayers and numerous fogging sprayers. Many, direct from China. I have been quoted as much as 30K for a system.  Mike will break it down and introduce you to a fogger for less than 50 BUCKS!  One per Op. Personal fogging protection." Here is Mike's Bio: Currently, Mike is a partner and the VP of Marketing and New Product Development at Cloudburst, Inc.  (a world leader in misting systems engineering and manufacturing).  Prior to partnering with Cloudburst, Mike was involved in several business startups and ownerships including iMist LLC. (a company specializing in the development and sales of personal - portable misting and spraying products).  He is a serial inventor with multiple patents and first to market products in his portfolio.   He loves problem solving and creating new things which have guided him along his successful entrepreneurial path.  Two of his favorite (2) word phrases are “WHAT IF” and “ WHY NOT”.

Here is where you can find the full webinar:

Please find the podcast here:

During the webinar, we covered and referenced lots of resources in regards to COVID-19 and what it means to disinfect with cold fogging. Please find them below:

And on Friday, 6/5 at 11 am CST, we started a new tradition with a "15 min Friday Supply Availability Update" for Zen Offices that is hosted by Tiger!

Please join us Every Friday at 11am Central for a live update on what is going on on the market and availability of dental supplies. All you have to do is login to your Zen account,

For the Week of June 8th, we have planned the following events:

1. On Tuesday, 6/9, we have uploaded the new Guidelines Information from the CDC: “Guidance for Dental Settings During the COVID-19 Response” where everyone will have access to CDC resources such as the webinar, slides, information for healthcare professionals and frequently asked questions for healthcare providers. This information will be available to you through the live events & webinars tab on the dashboard. Please see here for more information:

Reference: Hannan, Casey, et al. “Webinar June 3, 2020 - Guidance for Dental Settings During the COVID-19 Response.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 Apr. 2020,

2. On Thursday,6/11 at 11 am CST, Tiger will host a webinar on the “Review of Dental Catalogs and other changes on the Zen platform” as the dental catalogs were not as successful of a roll out as we had hoped. We learned our lesson and made several changes. Tiger will discuss and review these changes . We will make sure to take all the feedback from you so please come prepared with lots of questions, ideas and suggestions! We plan to cover: dental catalogs search and filters, why we changed to manufacturers, the pause on office supplies and for how long as well as upcoming dashboard changes and changes to my inventory.

3. And of course, per our new Friday tradition, on Friday, June 12th at 11 am CST, Tiger will host a 15 minute supply availability update. Everyone is beyond ready to get back to work in a safe environment. The ZenTeam is spending countless hours every week doing due diligence, learning about FDA approvals, learning about product shortages, and sourcing new vendors. In addition, the landscape of the supply chain is constantly changing and so are the prices of PPE products. Therefore, Tiger will host a 15 min live event EVERY Friday at 11 am CST to go over what we learn during the week. We will share EVERYTHING-good, bad and what to prepare for.Simply login to your ZenSupplies account and join us there for all live events!

Thank you to all for participating in our live events and we look forward to seeing everyone during this week’s webinars!

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