Live Events Recap for the Week of May 11

May 18, 2020

Dear ZenFamily,

Hope everyone is staying safe and having a productive week so far! Last week here at Zen we had a webinar on Friday 5/15 on "Understanding N95/KN95 Masks and 3 Ply Surgical Masks, Compliance For Dental Practices Including research/diagrams/test/in office test log forms". Mary Govoni joined Tiger to answer questions on what products to start ordering asap, understanding the different masks types, compliance for dental offices, current market counterfeits and much more.

Please find the full webinar here:

Here is the podcast:

Notes and Links discussed during the webinar:

*Disclaimer: all information below is only suggested and not presented as scientific research nor acts as a guideline for dental practices. This is only expression of the research we've done for our members in the attempt to consolidate different ideas in one resource. Below information is assembled by Zen Team only and not related to opinions/recommendations of guest speakers on the webinar.

General Info on Mask and Identifying Counterfeit:

  • American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Online Course: Respiratory Protection Program Training and Resources (Free Certification) - Recommended to have at least 1 team member to be Certified:

Level 1/2/3 3 Ply Surgical Masks:

N95 Respirators Resources:

OSHA Compliance requirement (documented on ZenResource Page as of May 7, 2020):

1. Every Employee Must Complete - Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire:

2. Every Employee must complete Fit Test prior to using a Respirator. ReCertification is required 1/year. Safety Fit Test Record:

List of Respirator Trusted-Source Information (From CDC Website):

NIOSH - Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators (Full List of Approved manufacturers):

Surgical N95 Respirators Approved Manufacture List (Short):

KN95 Masks Resources:

Steps to spot counterfeit products (these steps make assumption that documents provided are true in nature and have not been reprinted with logos of FDA/NIOSH and any other organizations):

  1. The manufacturer from who the product is manufactured should have an FDA certificate on file with their name and the approved product
  2. The manufacturer must be on the approved Chinese exporter list
  3. There should be a testing report on file that they can send to show you they are a legitimate product
  4. The distributor could or should have FDA Registration to be able to import these products. Always ask for FDA registration of the vendor who is exporting products.
  5. FDA Database of Registration & Device Listing:

Reusable Gowns/Laundry Service and Washer/Dryer Installation:

Cost of reusable gowns is between $20-$30/gown. We will work on getting a source for a group order for the reusable gowns.

Cost of Pick Up and laundry service. First of all I would highly recommend to talk to your local Laundry Service provider and discuss how to work together. Prices that we found online are ranging from $.95 to $3 per pound, including pick up/drop off/folding.

The other option is Washer and dryer Hookup:

The cost of installation:

Portable washer/dryer:

Here are the details on the webinar coming up for the week of 5/18:

On Friday, 5/22, at 1pm CST, we invited Dr. Gina Dorfman, a dentist and fellow CEO of Yapi Dental and Julie Varney, CDA, RDA, COA, FAADOM, CDSO, CDSH, Mentor of Dental Assistants Rock to share their experiences, tips and advice on reopening your practice. Dr. Dorfman's practice reopened on Monday, 5/18 and she will share with us how her office went through the reopening process and what their quarantine experience was like. Julie is in New York and her office has not reopened yet. They've done a lot to train their staff on new updates, performed a systems check and stocked up on PPEs. Dr. Dorfman will also talk about some protocols! Be ready to ask Julie and Dr. Dorfman lots of questions and feel free to share your reopening experience with fellow Zen offices!

We hope everyone is enjoying the live events! Stronger together!

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