Live Events Recap for the Week of May 4

May 11, 2020

Dear ZenFamily,

Happy Monday to all! I hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start this week with full energy and potential! Last week here at Zen we had two live webinars with four phenomenal guests! On Monday, 5/4, Tiger was joined by Dr. Justin Moody, the owner of West Horizon Dental Group and the founder of the Implant Pathway. To find out more about Dr. Justin Moody please see here:

Tiger and Dr. Moody discussed what the first day back to the office was like for Dr. Moody, how his team was doing during the time of quarantine and now back to work, what it means to be a CEO and a dentist, and much more! And on Wednesday, 5/6, we invited Mary Govoni along with Mike Rust and Kellie Thimmes from ProEdge Dental Water Labs in CO. This webinar was eligible for 1 CE credit hour. To find more information on how to obtain your CE certificate, please check the notes section under the 5/6 webinar in your Zen account. So to summarize, here is a short recap of what was discussed as well as links where you can find the full webinars and listen to the podcasts:

Monday, May 4: We  brought back Dr. Justin Moody to talk about an emotional roller coaster we are all going through and how to best prepare for getting ready to reopen. We discussed what steps Dr. Moody and his team took to get through this across all of his businesses. Tiger and Dr. Moody covered leadership, how to manage change, and communication skills with the team.

Here is where you can find the full webinar:

And here is the podcast:

Wednesday, May 6: Will your dental unit water be safe when you reopen? By many of your requests we invited Mary Govoni, Mike Rust (ProEdge Dental Lab) and Kelley (ProEdge Dental Lab)to the live webinar and we discussed if your waterlines are ready for the big reopening. Since your dental units have been sitting idle, water can become contaminated, and before opening the practice back you need to make sure to follow protocols. We discussed what it means to test the water lines and how soon this should be done, the GOLD dental water formula of SHOCK->TEST->TREAT, we also covered the difference between in office tests and the lab tests and answered commonly asked questions when it comes to water line safety within your practice. If you've always wondered what the difference is between purging and shocking water line.

Please watch the full webinar here:

And here is the podcast:

During each webinar, we covered and referenced lots of resources in regards to COVID-19 and water line treatment prior to reopening. Please find this information here:

Here are the details on the webinar coming up for the week of 5/11:

By many requests, we have invited Mary Govoni to a compliance series webinar on "How to Control Aerosol" for the week of May 11! The time and date is TBD at the moment but coming soon. Stay tuned on your ZenAccount, Instagram and Facebook!

We hope everyone is enjoying the live events! Stronger together!

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