October 2018 Update

October 9, 2018

Dear Zen Family,

Welcome to our Monthly Update! We really had a lot on our mind and on our plate and honestly we couldn’t wait to share with you. Please grab a seat and let’s go through all of this together.

Software Update:

  • New ZenOut is going live tonight. New and easier design eliminated unnecessary steps for removing products from dental inventory and ability to remove large amounts of products with double tap. New feature of adding products back with + button.

  • Product Note. Any product in the inventory can have a custom note, just select a note sign and select if it’s an internal note or you would like us to send it to supplier along with your order.

FOCUS. We spent a lot of time improving internal processes and especially the ones related to distributors. Many of you experienced issues and occasional awfulness by the suppliers you link to the platform (from changing client prices, to having unintentional mistakes in billing) and in the last few months we were working very hard with vendors to address that. However, we made more significant progress with Zen Preferred suppliers, who we admire a lot for acknowledging the need for change in the industry and building a better customer experience (the number of preferred is small but the impact is significant, 20-30% savings on products, helping our clients get to 4-5% overhead spent on supplies)

At some point in this QTR we will change how Zen Preferred vendors will work to achieve the following great benefits:

  • Moving Preferred Suppliers to 2 Day Delivery
  • Some of the smaller Preferred vendor will be moving to select zones with SAME DAY Delivery Options
  • Process Payments and bring paperless billing (currently only a few distributors allow this feature)
  • Process Returns and Refund Labels within Zen
  • Ability to Chat directly with suppliers
  • Automatic feed into stock levels of our preferred suppliers to avoid backorders


QUALITY. Our belief is that you should have full power in deciding which products are high quality and which are not. Therefore, we are redesigning reviews of products and distributors. In QTR4 we will introduce a new product review feature that will allow you to easily write a review and share it with your fellow Zen offices. It’s the community that can decide what products and distributors should be 5 stars and the most loyal and trustworthy.


Engagement. The one aspect that makes community a vibrant place is engagement! If we are creating Zen as a one-place platform we need to think about the engagement we can encourage between Zen members and distributors. In the future we will go a notch further by introducing chat ability with manufactures.

*********** the end

I thank you for reading entire update and grateful for every one of you!

Tiger Safarov

CEO ZenSupplies, Inc.

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