So why are we launching in Texas first?

January 31, 2024

We are so excited to announce to the dental world that we are soon launching our new product, ZenOne. First, only in Texas and to a small group of practices who love the thrill of being first and are up for an adventure. So let’s dive in why Texas is our first State to launch a new product. 

Next Day Shipping. It started with delivery time. Currently we show lots of savings , but we have learned from our offices that savings alone are not exciting. But combined with the 2 day delivery, now we have something. So in order to have a reliable platform that offers DSO level savings on supplies we needed a partner who can deliver Next Day in Texas and is willing to work with our offices to provide deep (DSO level) pricing on products). 

In Person Meetings. We feel it's important to meet each customer who signs up with Zen and learn first hand what the challenges are and what can be improved. I personally visited a lot of practices when we launched our 1sty platform - ZenSupplies and it was a lot of fun driving from state to state. I still remember being at the convergence in Phoenix when a client called and asked if I could stop by the next morning at their practice in Dallas. I said “Of course” without realizing it is a 16 hour drive. So to make it consistent and a little bit easier on our team, we decided we will continue meeting our customers in person and making it Texas only for the launch will help our team a lot to balance work and life. 

With that being said, we are looking for practices in Texas, who are thrilled to be among the first to try out the new platform.

So what does this mean? You will be the first to experience new and fresh things, but also the first to experience bugs and issues that we are still working out. 

Sounding exciting? We would like to ask two things:

  • Accept adventure and realize you might hit some rocks along the way.
  • Second, share your unfiltered impressions with our team (by email, text, or chat). 

If this sounds exciting, use this link to book the sign up call. 

Looking forward to connecting soon!


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