Some few words about the situation in France…

April 3, 2020

Tiger, some few words about the situation in France…

I saw your new services on the website: it's a very good solution. Congratulation !!

I don’t know if this document can bring something to your project but it is my way to keep the contact and help : it is essential for me.

Take care Tiger

Saturday March 13 : Evening with friends at home

While the Prime Minister announces a confinement of 15 days, my friends arrive home one after the other Dentists, traders, physiotherapists and parents: we are all affected by this announcement. Tonight we are already illegal, but take advantage of this last moment.

Sunday March 14 : My dentist friends provide a responsible guard and welcome 14 people with the usual equipment (surgical masks and gowns.

10 days later ...

Relieved, we were not positive and no one was infected that evening. We begin our second week of confinement front.

For the majority, the French are at home !! a small part remains outside, at the caregivers identified.

The hospitals see the number of patients increase exponentially and the early death of caregivers are.

While the tsunami is expected in the coming weeks, hospitals are organized gradually materially. In town, general practitioners, nurses and dentists continue to provide emergency in difficult conditions.

Dentists and my friends?

During the first week , they no longer had masks to handle emergencies. I managed to find some masks but not enough to work in con This week the clinics are closed. The SAMU contacts the dentists so that they go to their office to receive the patients a day or two a week. They have to go to the order council to recover ffp2 masks (the only ones that block the virus. The surgical mask stocks of the 176 dentists in my town have been donated to hospitals.

In the meantime, many dentists have been contaminated because precautions had not been taken.

I wanted to write these few lines for you to share our situation and that you can anticipate it. Let us take advantage of this experience to work effectively together and that is the mission that the Zen team: When we are asked to distance ourselves from our fellow men, it has never been more important to bond “virtually”.

“We are stronger together than we are alone”     Walter Payton

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