September 12, 2017

Some people might say it is crazy; we say it is a great adventure, and we like crazy. We, Tiger, Liz, and Erika, have now set sail on a burgundy colored, rented Jeep, headed south, while our Minsk-team is working to keep everything afloat. We have a seven-day trip planned (as much as planning is possible) and our Jeep is going to take us close to 5,000 miles, on a course through Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho. So why are we doing this?

Zen is a quickly growing company and we want to be a part of every growing aspect. We do not have a little store, where local customers come and go on a regular basis and give us daily opportunities to interact. Instead we have a web of customers stretching all over the country, but we still love the interactions. Interaction is a big part of Zen and we enjoy meeting, chatting, training, and visiting our clients, no matter if they are located in Chicago, Dallas, or Boise. Phone conversations are not bad, but nothing beats meeting a person face to face. We want to get to know our clients, see their offices, and be able to spend some time with them. We do not want to be a robot voice, a company without real people behind it, and we also do not want our clients to only be a voice and a name listed in our software. Meeting our clients for the first time is always exciting, and as we say at Zen, we always go for the hug.

We have 9 stops planned on our trip and those stops are the only thing set in stone for this week; the rest will be an adventure. Will we stay at a hotel? Will we stop by Target and buy a tent? Nobody knows. It does not matter, we are simply too excited to meet our clients and see their offices, and the rest will solve itself. Other than that, our only expectations are to see a variety of different, beautiful landscapes along the way.

So here we are, crossing the border between Missouri and Oklahoma, on our way to Reflections Dental Care in Oklahoma City. This will be our first stop before continuing to Dallas. From there, we will go to Houston and then up to Colorado and Vail, before reaching our final destination in Boise. We will meet clients for interviews, for training purposes, and for the joy of being able to stop by and see how they are doing in general.

Being as involved in the inventory process as we are, it is natural for us to be interested in seeing dental offices and how they are dealing with their inventories. There is always something we can learn, and hopefully we can help with ideas and inspiration as well on our visits. A business is never one-sided; while we help our clients to grow, they certainly help us to grow. Our clients are our inspiration and motivation and that is why we are on this trip. We want to get to know our clients and to get faces behind the voices on the phone.

O, keep an eye out for us, because the Zen Team is on a tour and we are excited to meet as many people as we can!

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