Vivid Progression Conference, My Presentation on 4% overhead and what happened that I didn't EXPECT!

October 10, 2019

Last week I was invited to talk at the Vivid Dental Progression Conference organized by a good friend of mine Daniel Johnson, Founder/CEO of Lucent Spot Marketing and he is also Director of Marketing for an emerging group in Texas, AcreWood Dental Care. It was exciting to finally share what we've learned at ZenSupplies in the last 3 years, but also challenging. The challenging part is to put it all together in a cohesive approach that makes sense.  Most dental practice when hearing" Ohh, your overhead is too high. You need to work on your supplies" do not even know where to start. Should I negotiate with my rep, go to cheaper places, or what else? So I wanted to put a few slides together where we can at least show the path to where to start, how to approach it, how long will it take and what are the critical parts of each phase (yes there are 3 phases to lowering your overhead).

My goal for the talk was to bring as much VALUE as possible and not Sell ZEN. I thought if I could have at least one person go back on Monday morning and say "Overhead is the choice" and I'm in control, and most importantly I know what are the steps - then I accomplished my goal.

Ok, what I didn't expect was what happened after my presentation.  Again, my goal wasn't to sell Zen at all (see slide 4), so after my presentation, Dr. Benjamin Johnson presented steps on how to scale from 1- to 3 or more locations and what are the critical elements of scaling. As you can imagine, supplies were one of the elements and followed by a live demo done by Dr. Johnson. What can be more exciting to watch your product being presented by one of the best clients of Zen!

Enough of the humblebrag, let's get to the actual presentation! Hope you enjoy it!

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