Why Are Systems SO Important?

June 11, 2020

When we hear the word systems, we instantly think of a machine, or a computer program, where everything MUST be black and white. We think redundancy. Ultimately, we think of the dreaded word...CHANGE. Yup, that's the dreaded word we hear all too often!! CHANGE. Instantly our minds go to “She isn’t going to like the new way. What do I do if they won’t change? What if they leave because of all of the change?” So, how do we set up dental inventory system to positivity impact the overall flow of the dental office systems, AND keep our team happy.

These are ALL valid concerns. Especially during this time. It is so scary to think about losing a star team member, or having to hire another team member, while trying to open AND follow all the new guidelines. Setting up systems initially CAN cause some fuss in the office. So let's talk about how to minimize the effects of the change by creating systems.

  1. Set up regular team meetings with your team, (At LEAST once a month). IF this is your first time having regular meetings, feel free to schedule one every 2-3 weeks. *Remember, people will own what they help create. So lets involve them!!
  2. Keep open communication with your team about what is up and coming, and how they can play a role. *Remember, people like to be in the KNOW, and they like to HELP. Find those team players and maximize on their strengths!
  3. Set up consistency and stick to it! …What do you want your office to look like? What does success look like in your office? What do you want your culture to look and feel like?
  4. Come up with a plan-(I would like to have a morning huddle EVERY morning by the end of next week.) What is that going to look like?
  5. Explain the “Why”. What would we like to accomplish, and Why? What will we discuss?*Morning huddles are important to touch on all the “other” stuff other than the patient's treatment. Talk about additional opportunities for that day, celebrate birthdays, HIGHLIGHT who in your office has done a positive action!
  6. Set deadlines for implementation. Setting a deadline is important for clarity. When the team knows changes are coming, they want to know WHEN.
  7. Remember-systems are able to be improved and changed anytime! Get feedback from your team on what they like, and what they would like to change regarding the system.
  8. Be open with your team. Barriers create miscommunication and misunderstanding, along with CONFUSION. No one wants to show up everyday confused and worried!

Creating systems in the office will ultimately lead to personal accountability. No more will your team wonder, what should I do here? What am I responsible for at the end of the day?With a few simple steps and ultimately implementation, systems will lead to positive changes amongst your team. This can build rapport within the office and cut out blame within the team. Your TEAM is the most important thing you have! Without open communication, trust, and accountability, your team is only a group of individuals. Create your systems, your CULTURE, and the flow you have always wanted in your office! YOU are ultimately the LEADER!

- Kellie Black, RDH

Disclaimer: This article is the sole opinion and research of the writer and doesn’t reflect the opinions of ZenSupplies.

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