ZenSmart Inventory workshop on January 17 was a huge success (and sold out)

January 31, 2020

Sharing knowledge and creating an environment to get Dental Assistants together is at the core of our passion at Zen.

We were thrilled to start 2020 with exactly that. On January 17 we hosted our 2nd inventory workshop with offices attending from Colorado, Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania and our home state Illinois. We are grateful to all who attended and Westgate Dental Care for hosting such a great event.With  20 people attending this was an incredible event of learning, sharing, laughing, and growing as professionals.

During the 8-hour workshop we covered the following topics:

  • Hands-on Dental inventory system/ Restocking
  • Ordering and How to select vendors
  • Team management and getting everyone on the same page
  • Use of Checklists
  • Advanced Features of ZenSupplies
  • Compliance and simple checklist to make sure your dental office systems stays compliant

To Register for April 17 Workshop please RSVP here

P.S. if you are just getting started with inventory then our Dental Inventory Makeover Webinar can be a great start!

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